5-Axis CNC Router Creates Large Sculptural Shapes at 3dx

Since its inception in 1999, 3dx, Iacono’s fabrication shop, has pushed the envelope in scenery automation. They’ve made turntables spin, wagons traverse, video walls fly, water walls rain logos and fireworks explode—all on cue.  So it was a natural evolution to apply that automation experience to the creation of a 5 axis CNC router.  

The size of the router is impressive. With an available routing space the size of an eight foot cube, it can cut organic shapes that are only limited by the 8ft by 8ft opening in the back of a standard semi-trailer. And even then, project pieces can be assembled on site.

5 Axis CNC Router at 3dx

Speed, efficiency and accuracy in sculpting are proven benefits of the 3dx 5 axis CNC router. Real objects or scale models are scanned, interpreted, carved and delivered to the scenic artists for finishing – all of these stages occur in the scenic shop in Cincinnati. We also work in the virtual world – 3d objects designed in virtual space by our designers or found as stock 3d images can be sent to 3dx, interpreted for the router and carved.

What is truly game changing about this technology for a scenic fabrication shop is the substantially lower cost that this technology delivers to clients.  A large sculptural object that once took a week for a skilled sculptor to carve, now can be delivered as a 3d model to 3dx and carved out in as little as a day.

You can discuss your 3d project ideas with our experts at the 3dx shop by leaving a comment below or contacting us at: