• Our company has proud Midwest roots here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Over the years we've branched out to service companies from coast to coast and beyond.

  • Our projects often hit the road in semis, have seen the high seas from cruise ships, and recently soared overhead to rousing cheers. Soared is actually an exaggeration. (See Culture.)

Iacono (eye-uh-CAHN-o)

Iacono is the creator of wow experiences and events of all sizes, big on inspiration, creativity and confetti. We are a strategic, dog-friendly, well-oiled think tank.

Hello, we are Iacono

Our story begins in a downtown Cincinnati loft in 1981 as a commercial photography studio. We had worked with and for event production companies, so the transition was natural to becoming the whole shebang. Before digital, production looked different. It was light tables, 35mm slides, stacks of vertical slide projectors. It was white cotton gloves and canned air. We were an alignment, precision tour de force fueled by gallons of caffeine.

In 1981, Time awarded the personal computer, Machine of the Year. In 1986, we acquired one. The full-time staff of six shared it. Our technology was current, but at the time, current was electronic sound boards, non-automated stage lighting, 35mm slides and hand sketched storyboards.

Digital changed all that. We’re still a precision tour de force, but the look is 180 degrees for the good. Technology frees us to create anything we can imagine. By 1995, we were a full service production company.

That was then. Today, we’re an eclectic family of producers, designers, animators, videographers, brand advocates, editors, carpenters, riggers, engineers, writers, lighting directors, and storytellers. We’ve evolved and grown over those 35 years of corporate rock and roll. In addition to Live Events, our wheelhouse runs the gamut from Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing to Theme Park Installations and Media Productions.

Look around our portfolio, explore the hexagon, and meet our people.

Our Pillars


As creatives, we bring passion to all projects. Our team is committed to aligning our creative strategies with your objectives. Whatever your vision may be, our focus is meeting your goals.


We bring the innovation to ensure that your live events and brand experiences wow, woo, and stay relevant. We’re like kids in a toy store about the possibilities that live out there and our imaginations.


We’re rich in human capital, and we’re happy to spend it on you. We welcome brain and brawn challenges. With our wealth of experiences, we can set the stage for successful collaborations.