American Modern provides residential and recreational specialty insurance. They employ 1200 people at their North American headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. American Modern built their new brand on three key archetypes that represent their mission and values. They wanted to introduce the brand’s personality archetypes to employees in a fun and memorable way.

American Modern Insurance Group
American Modern Insurance Group Brand Launch
American Modern Insurance Group, Amelia, OH
Live Event, Brand Activation

About The Project

The goal was to plan, produce, and generate enthusiasm around a one-day, interactive event to educate and inspire employees for the brand launch. Using American Modern’s own headquarters, we built a series of immersive experiences. The employees became active players as the program progressed. We also planned and produced a large outdoor party for employees to celebrate at the end of the day.


Create an intimate, memorable experience for 1200 people where no one room could hold more than 300 people at once. Include interactive experiences that engage and educate employees with the brand’s new mission and purpose.


We carefully choreographed the flow of employees into manageable groups and lead them through three themed rooms for 8-minute sessions. Everything was precisely timed and orchestrated to keep people and energy moving. Each room highlighted a different brand value. We used a flexible track system to drape the rooms, and also brought in music, lighting, and other sensory experiences. In the first three rooms we showed a brand archetype video. The fourth room included a presentation about the new brand and concluded with the reveal of the new logo.

Thanks so much for making yesterday such an amazing experience for our whole organization. Thanks for making us look good! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Hallie Montague

VP Marketing Strategy, Brand & Customer Experience, American Modern Insurance Group