On a bleary January day, it’s good to think about the boys of summer. In recent years Opening Day festivities have given us a window to showcase what our company’s been doing on a regular basis for the past 35 years. We’ve set up Opening Day stages at The Banks, in Washington Square Park, and on the field at Great American Ballpark.

When the baseball world showed up here for the All Star Game in 2015, it was, needless to say, cause for celebration. We installed staging and printed and installed signage at the Convention Center and elsewhere throughout the city. Before the season began last summer, our video department shot a promo for a client featuring the Reds mascots.

Because baseball and design are in their blood, some of our designers answered the call to submit Reds-themed artwork to the design firm BLDG for their opening day gallery event. Submissions above were created by Connie Arozarena, Becca Kuhlman, and Toby Brauer, respectively.

The Reds don’t just mean a lot to our company because we love baseball, although we very much do.  They mean a lot to us because they’re a part of Cincinnati’s living history. As the years go by and the city changes and grows, the team has and will always be there, linked together with our community’s well being. That’s how we want our company to be seen as well. Now and into the future, we want to be a proud part of the fabric of our town.

In the black and white photo, The Big Red Machine gets an ovation from an opening day crowd circa 1975.