Cintas, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a national company that services industry and business uniform programs. Additionally, Cintas provides cleaning and safety solutions for businesses. Begun in 1929, and now the largest national company in the category, the Cintas brand is highly regarded for its product quality and innovations and contributions to the community.

Cintas Showroom
Cintas Corporate Headquarters, Cincinnati, OH
Corporate Environment

About The Project

The goal was to create a space where Sales Associates could share their new brand story with visiting clients. Cintas invited us to design a high-end environment that had three key functions. First, design an entry to the room that announced the new brand messaging while welcoming clients to the space. Second, create a series of vignettes around the perimeter to provide Cintas an opportunity to lead clients through a linear experience of their History, Enterprise, Character and Philanthropic initiatives. We were also asked to feature a centrally located meeting space where Sales Associates can present specific client information and discuss next steps.


We were working within a pre-existing room which came with its own structural challenges, including two walls of windows, and weight-bearing columns and a door. In addition, the new brand identity challenged our designers to vet a variety of materials and treatments to ensure the brand was expressed correctly throughout.


We developed a traffic flow that masked some of these challenges. We leveraged the light from the windows by using semi transparent graphics on Plexiglas. We minimized the door with carpentry and graphics. The column became a partition feature piece, complete with LED tape lighting. We trenched concrete to run electric to the center meeting space from below. We painted the ceiling tiles to match the other décor. With our fabrication and printing capabilities, our designers were able to confer with the client before going into production.

As you know, we had a reception last night to unveil the new Cintas Showroom. The event included all of the top Executives. It was awesome! Everyone absolutely loved it! I actually got a hug from Phillip (President and COO), which is unheard of. Thank you for everything. I know it was crazy, but it looks beautiful.

Monica Dressing

Director of Marketing Communication, Cintas