Crickets—Unless You’re Sporting Headphones

Sometimes it’s deceptively quiet here. The reason behind the illusion is earbuds or headphones. They’re the appendage of almost everyone here because music is often the creative muse, the energy force, the focus finder, the happy place. A frequent impediment to staff one on one.
So we wave, we tap shoulders. Some wear headphones akimbo, a compromising position for the capabilities of some technically top-notch gear.

There’s plenty of input through the wires and what follows is some enthusiastic output from the team –eager to share some favorite playlists, favorite genres, favorite heartthrobs.
Make music the object of affection in the lyrics from the 1928 song, and you get a sense of how important music is here.

You’re the cream in my coffee, You’re the salt in my stew;
You will always be my necessity– I’d be lost without you.

Kathleen Shea listens to a variety of genres. Some of her go-tos:
Meet Me in the Woods / Love Like Ghosts / Ends of the Earth by Lord Huron
Rifle’s Spiral / Phantom Limb by The Shins
Mistaken for Strangers / Cherry Tree by The National 
500 Miles / The Road Neverending by The Tillers 
Early Spring Till / Don’t Get Too Close / Brakeman by Nathaniel Rateliff
When I really need to focus, I often listen to instrumental movie soundtracks.
Favorite composers are Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit) & Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Interstellar)

Dave Rohs, a musician in his own right, added this eclectic list with comprehensive interpretations of the artists’ styles.

Warm Leatherette by The Normal. Massively influential electro single by tastemaker Daniel Miller; it gave electronic music teeth.
We Share our Mothers Health by The Knife, a Swedish electronic duo performing an excellent version of their totemic electronic style on the album Silent Shout.
Search and Destroy by Iggy Pop. This is what rock music is supposed to sound like unhinged and dangerous, a true cathartic experience.
Blue Valentine by Tom Waits. Kinda like if you mixed the soft nostalgic jazz of Chet Baker to the raucous drunken poetry of Charles Bukowski. Two opposites that Waits made good together.
Tom Violence by Sonic Youth. This song and group goes back to my early years of listing to punk and no wave music and this song is a rough edged pop gem simmering through the mud.

Shawn Travers – Graphic Designer
Shawn Travers – one of his headsets (wearhaus) was a kickstarter design that caught his eye and ultimately, his ears. He also likes his Bose.

I listen to a wide variety of genres.
But here are some of my favorite artist and songs.

Its’ Time by Imagine Dragons
What I Wouldn’t Do by Serena Ryder
American Baby by Dave Matthews Band
Scare Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Prayer by Kid Cudi

Shannon Poulos, Event Producer with Sir Paul
Shannon Poulos’s enthusiasm can’t be contained or limited in a list. No way, no how.

Music is everything for me. A song can completely alter my mood in a matter of minutes. A sentimental song can bring me to tears just as easily as an upbeat tune can light me up. Certain songs take me right back to days gone by, summer fun without a care in the world. Sitting in my room, listening to vinyl records, looking at the liner notes and learning the lyrics. The memories come flooding back and drown out everything else. It’s a wonderful feeling. I’ve been to a million concerts and will always find my way to live music. I appreciate everything from a guy in the park with a guitar and an amp to an arena rock show.

I’m all over the map with my taste in music.

I’m a huge Beatles nut and fancy Paul McCartney even more. I love the complex journey that St.Pepper’s takes me on all the way down to the simple yet sweet “Single Pigeon” track by McCartney. 
Growing up in the 70’s with older brothers, I got hooked on what we now call “classic rock”. ELO, Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger, Steve Ray Vaughn, the Eagles, Traffic, Bowie….but I also love the oldies, Sinatra, Al Green, Otis Redding, Simon & Garfunkel, Frankie Valli and no one was smoother than Smokey. I found my own way with the Kinks, The Clash, Squeeze, Tina Turner, Modest Mouse, Peter Gabriel, Good Charlotte, the Cars. The newer stuff is great too, Adele, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, P!nk, Neon Trees, Phoenix, Scissor Sisters, Cake, Mumford and Sons.

I could go on and on. . .