• Team Iacono chose a challenging event, Red Bull's Flugtag, to promote our adventurous spirit and can-do attitude.

  • Our flying machine, the Hindenwurst, was constructed largely of foam pool noodles and pvc pipe. On its maiden and only voyage it flew approximately 35 feet vertical feet.

  • We flexed some whack-a-doodle engineering muscles, and with a little help from our friends at Queen City Sausage, our pilot Nic and our beloved, but doomed craft, took the plunge. Literally.

Our Culture

Our eclectic family has a multitude of motivations for what we do at work and at play. It’s our good fortune that sometimes work is play.

Becca K. | Doodler Extraordinaire
Iacono Grows | NEW WAREHOUSE
Tobias B. | Red's 5th Baseman
Mark H. | Legendary Tinkerer
Tim M. | Chief Racing Officer
Carus W. | Bootlegger, Rumrunner
Hindenwurst Crew | Gonzo kids
Matt W. | Lathe King
Kathleen K. | Star Seeker  
Tim T. | Bacon Czar
Tobi I. | Willful Wanderer
John K. | Rebel With a Cause
Iacono Gives Back | Annual Toy Drive
Joel K. | Grillmeister
Connie A. | Chief Overland Officer
Mike I. | Equine Consultant
Rob W. | Exposure Engineer
Geoff A. | Trail Commander