Events—The Spaces In-Between

At events, most attendee networking occurs in the spaces outside the meeting rooms and exhibit halls. In the hallways and lobbies friendships are formed, innovative ideas are hatched, topics debated. The treatment of these spaces by event planners and their clients should be considered a high priority for several reasons including the following three.

Design Cohesion: The branding of a space gives an event a cohesive appearance. If you’re promoting a team feel, branding is an invaluable tool. Event theme and colors used in signage throughout the venue give the attendees a feeling of belonging. The message says, “This is your event! Welcome!”

Theme Reinforcement: Design elements also reinforce the theme of an event and promote focus and mood. Branding projects a unified look by incorporating theme logos, colors and iconography, and sets the stage for team building and comfortable interactions.

Wayfinding: The sprawling size of many venues requires an understanding of crowd dynamics and movement. A well thought out wayfinding plan assures attendees that they can comfortably navigate from point A to point B in an efficient, timely manner. Attendees can concentrate on networking, the holy grail of corporate meetings. They can feel confident about planning their agenda assured that they are in the right place or heading in the right direction.

The hallways between the meeting rooms are vibrant social spaces. Keep those conversations on track. Give these spaces the design attention they deserve.