Graphic Designer / Senior Graphic Designer Cincinnati, OH

Iacono Productions is a full-service, creative production company. We serve a national clientele, providing primarily corporate event solutions.  We offer our clients a state of the art facility, with a wide-range of in-house services, and access to the talent of 70+ dedicated professionals.


We are currently seeking a full-time Graphic Designer or Senior Graphic Designer who meets the following criteria:

• A strategic problem solver and imaginative thinker. Someone who is comfortable generating multiple well thought-out design solutions to varying, unconventional creative challenges and verbally defend those ideas and persuade others of their brilliance.

• Someone who can think through, understand, and apply a brand voice and/or brand guidelines to create expressive, novel, and dynamic design work that is dimensional, interactive, fills spaces, and transforms experiences.

• A master of presentation and explanation. Minimally these skills should include Information Design, Typography, Presentation Design, Research, Writing, effective use of a Narrative Structure, etc. A good understanding on presentation software (i.e. Keynote, PowerPoint) is also important.

• Someone who is excited by the professions of Design and Art; and lives to make beautifully, communicative visual work.

• A professional who is comfortable juggling multiple projects in a fast-paced, design studio environment, while consistently delivering exceptional work under those conditions.

• An effective, and courteous communicator who is just as comfortable interacting with an executive level client, as he/she would be with the person in office next to them.

• Someone who understands the print production processes and can create final artwork that is of a suitable craft for print.

• Someone who is comfortable with occasional domestic travel to show sites for installation of graphics, or manipulation and delivery of presentation design elements within a show environment.

Applicants should have at least two years of experience in the professional practice of design, with studio-based experience preferred. Additional attention will be given to those applicants with a degree in Design, or Visual Communication. Candidates will also garnish additional consideration if they have experience designing in any of the following categories: Environmental Graphic Design, Event Design, Presentation Design, Motion Design, Large-Format Print Work, Branding, and Tradeshow/Dimensional/CAD Design work, hand rendering, and design drawing.

Our core competency is in producing live events—mainly staged out of town. These events often rely on a strong Graphic Design identity, and implement a wide range of media to engage our audiences. Branding and Environmental Design can be an integral part of the attendee experience as well. Essentially, we help our clients effectively, dynamically, and memorably express their identity, brand, and message in a venue or space as an engaging experience. See our work at

This is a position with a competitive salary and benefits package that correlates well with experience.

If interested, please send digital résumé and portfolio to:

Tobias Brauer, Creative Director
Iacono Productions