Lord of the Concentric Rings

How does that old saying go, “Maybe a change of scenery would do you good?” In our line of work we believe that to be very true. So we took that saying, turned it over a couple times, shook it a bunch to see if anything came loose, and eventually an idea did tumble out.

At a meeting in San Antonio, our design and fabrication teams brought the simple idea to life when they unveiled the 3-Ring Turntables stage. The turntables provide endless possibilities in a moving, fluid set for optimized staging potential.  

The stage contains three curved walls programmed to move independently of each other around a central point on stage. 

Technically, two independent concentric rings rotate around a central 15 foot round turntable, which itself can spin. The outer ring is 36 feet in diameter at its largest, with a ring width of 6 feet. The inner ring is 30 feet in diameter at its largest, with a ring width of 7.5 feet. Each of the two rings and the center turntable are automated and independently controllable from the show automation deck.

A dynamic set lays the foundation for a memorable experience. Attendees see a vibrant, engaging show. In a bygone era, a curtain would have been drawn to conceal the changes that were in store for the show. The 3 Ring Turntables set removes the curtain but retains the element of surprise. The versatility of the set enables fresh looks throughout the show.