Origami Owl is a fast-growing direct sales jewelry company. Their high-energy annual convention is called The O2 Experience. More than 5,000 Designers from the U.S. and Canada come to learn about new jewelry collections, receive sales training to grow their businesses, connect with their teams, and hear from company leaders about new goals and initiatives.

Origami Owl
The O2 Experience
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL
Live Event

About The Project

The ultimate goal is delivering a message that will inspire and resonate with Designers, providing goals going forward and keeping them engaged with the brand until they meet again.

We suggested employing visually exciting projection mapping onto dimensional scenery, complete with an automated turntable. Being able to dynamically change the look of each segment allowed for seamless transitions and relevant storytelling.


The set required many projectors, blended and warped to paint the faceted set under tight time constraints. Creating a balanced sound system and dynamic visuals are always a top priority in a large open space.


We deployed cutting edge mapping technology and developed custom animated modules and backdrops to reinforce key messages from stage. We developed over a dozen mapped backgrounds which effectively transitioned as the narrative progressed. A close collaboration between our technical and media teams allowed for amazing results.

I wanted express my sincere appreciation to you and your team for the success of this year’s convention. We have received tremendous feedback from our Designers and their experience at the show. This could not been done without Iacono’s time, effort and creativity. I understand how much unexpected issues arise, but your team’s ability to stay calm under pressure and keep focused on solutions to challenges is a true asset.

Audra Jones

Event Director, Origami Owl