Our Favorite Fireworks

Paul Katz—I love lighting off fireworks. I love lighting the wick. I love running away after lighting the wick. I love hearing the sound getting sucked out of the air when the gunpowder ignites and then of course the subsequent explosion. That being said, I also love seeing professionals set them off in much larger and bolder magnitudes than what would be considered safe for myself to try.

Fireworks are a physical manifestation of the summertime, just like the Fourth of July. With the holiday right around the corner we asked some of our colleagues (and myself) where their favorite places are to watch bright things make big booms in the night sky.

Tobi I.—I grew up in a small Indiana town. Fireworks on the 4th were a big deal. We watched from the baseball field bleachers or folding lawn chairs. One memorable year, a farm wagon loaded with the fireworks was in its typical position just behind the center field fence. There were always ballgames that day. So almost everyone was already at the park. The anticipation was always high. The waiting, infernal. Or in this case, we were waiting for the inferno. Finally, darkness descended. And the show began. But somehow the whole payload was ignited at once. Wham, bam. It might be the shortest display on record.

Bob L.—On July 4th I enjoy watching from our driveway. Kuliga Park is a half-mile from our home. Every July 3rd, it hosts a pretty spectacular fireworks display. The park slopes downward to a basin. Our driveway slopes upward and sits on a crest that is the highest point on our street. The view is exceptional, the company is pleasant, and there’s no need to arrive early to claim a spot and spend 2 hours protecting it.

Nic C.—My favorite place to watch fireworks is at a small fireworks stand off I-25 in New Mexico. They might not carry the good stuff, such as lady fingers, fuzz buttles, snicker bombs or zippity do das. No whistlin-bungles, spleen-splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker don’ts, cherry bombs, nipsey daisers (with or without the scooter stick) or not one single whistlin-kitty chaser. But they do have the ones I like most, snakes and sparklers.

Rob W.—Last year on the fourth I was driving north on 71/75 in Kentucky and came up on the cut in the hill and as I start to come down the hill I look off to the right to South Covington and the South Newport area and I could see hundreds of backyard fireworks displays going off everywhere, which was amazing. Then when I got home my neighbor was setting off mortars in our shared alley so I got to see some of those up close and personal.

Shannon P.—My favorite place to watch Fourth of July fireworks is in Huntington Beach, CA, right from the sand, overlooking the water. After a full day on the beach with family and friends, it’s the perfect way to cap off the night.

Teri R.—Well I can tell you before I moved away from Delhi, our favorite spot was right on our front porch as Delhi Park (which was less than a half mile from our house) would set them off every year. I will have to find a new spot for next year since we are moving out to Harrison in August. However, I grew up in Harrison and the favorite spot then was any parking lot near the back of the Community Center….that may be our favorite spot next year.

Dave W.—I’ve spent the last 16 years watching fireworks at my wife’s parents’ house. Each year, they celebrate our nation’s independence with a fireworks display that rivals any in the Fort Mitchell/Lakeside Park area in Kentucky. It’s also the one time each year when we get to reconnect with many family and friends.

Paul K.—I loved watching fireworks from my old rooftop in North Brooklyn. Not only could I see the main NYC fireworks on the East River or Hudson River depending on the year, but I could also turn 360 degrees and see all the smaller displays going off in towns all over Brooklyn and Queens.