Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef has been around for more than three decades, and their independent consultants are extremely loyal. They come to the National Conference every year eager to learn what’s new, reconnect with other members, and recognize the achievements of their teams.

Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef National Conference 2017
Rosemont Theater Chicago, Illinois
Live Event

About The Project

Our challenge was to produce a show that sparked the imagination of attendees, showcased new products, and provided an event highlighted by celebration and recognition. We designed and fabricated a unique, multi-level set using elements of domestic architecture to evoke a home-like setting. We also produced several media pieces, and produced dynamic content for three days of general session.


We utilized the theater’s “fly” space to add dimension & excitement to the home-like set. We designed and employed different set elements to highlight different needs and moods of the event. Our focus for the set was to ensure that Consultant recognition was highlighted throughout the event.


To add variety, we created several looks that could be wheeled out onto stage & “flown in/out” through the theaters track system. This helped to differentiate between general show content, training segments, client testimonials & awards. For recognition moments, we provided structures and traffic patterns that ensured efficiency & also allowed a special experience for all award recipients.

We can’t thank you enough. We are thrilled with process and outcome of our Summer Conference and so appreciate the hard work, skilled management and creative vision you brought to it. You are simply the best. Thank you so much for all that you—and the entire team— does.

Kelly Smith

Chief Marketing Officer, Pampered Chef