As a way to kick off a conference for meeting planning professionals within the medical & pharmaceutical industry, Iacono created an opening video intended to spotlight the three key pillars of the event: collaboration, education, & innovation. Utilizing a very fluid production style, it reinforced the theme with a narrative that truly spoke to the audience. The piece effectively energized attendees for the conference ahead as was evidenced by a resounding ovation.

Pharma Forum
Opening Module Video
Media Production

We were brought in to offer some new ideas and perspectives. The teams sat down and worked on a creative brief for the general session, branding, wayfinding, video content, and breakout sessions. To that end, we shot the opening module at a higher frame rate in order to give it a slower, more thoughtful look which blended nicely with the free-flowing movement of the camera.

Nate Stockman

National Sales Executive, Iacono