Procter and Gamble brings P&G designers from around the world to the World Design Meeting to their headquarters in Cincinnati to encourage interaction, foster deeper learning, and ultimately motivate attendees to continue to hone their craft.

Procter & Gamble
World Design Meeting
Hyatt Regency, Cincinnati Ohio
Live Event

About The Project

The objective for this three day event was to provide an interesting variety of touch points to engage designers throughout the conference. To that end, we utilized high-end graphic displays grounded in design methodologies that promote interaction.  We delivered the unexpected to create unique and memorable moments that spurred conversations among attendees and presented a grand backdrop for discourse on design.


Create a visually dynamic set which could be transformed to accommodate a changing number of attendees over the three day event. Produce an event in two different venues with multiple elements - an opening night dinner, the “learning connect” trade show, and multiple general sessions at the Hyatt and Renaissance Hotels. Design and fabricate creative id badges for attendees.


In the main meeting space, various types of seating were arranged to create a dynamic, yet comfortable space. A large LED screen hung adjacent to the stage and behind the background which was cutout with large WDM letters. The glossy white stage and background surface reflected the LED colors for an stunning effect. The Renaissance Hotel’s Grand Hall Art Deco architecture was played up with a projected logo treatment and a wall of 3d white oversized flower petals.

You have been wonderful partners in the WDM 2016 journey. Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication. We couldn’t have pulled this off without the amazing Iacono Team!

Lia Braaten Hager

Director of Design, Global Fabric Sector & Home Care Sector, Procter & Gamble