Over the course of a five day conference in Phoenix, a small video crew canvassed the entire event from set-up to conclusion. Along the way, a program host interviewed several of the 1,100 attendees about the positive impact of the event on their businesses and the direct selling industry. Captured and edited completely on-site, this video played at the end of the closing session as a brief re-cap of the fun and educational experience. The piece also serves as a demonstration of Iacono’s stage production and event branding capabilities.

Annual Meeting Recap Video
Media Production

Creating a unique highlights reel of an event on-site is always a fun challenge. In this case, we were fortunate enough to be onsite when the trucks first arrived. Documenting the event space’s transition from a blank slate to a fully branded, enveloping visual experience was a fun way to show the viewer what goes on behind the scenes.

John Miller

Writer/Producer/Editor, Iacono