• Our colorful business cards reflect our circuit, the hexagon that identifies our six departments.

  • When overlapped color side up, our mode of internal collaboration is visually expressed.

  • In addition, the cards provide a limitless opportunity for impromptu design fun around a conference table.

Our Services

Event & Media Production, Brand Activation, Printing, and Fabrication are our core services. We have all the tools necessary to create highly memorable experiences.


At Iacono, we are full service experiential agency. We do it all under one roof: strategy, design, media, fabrication, printing, and staging. We take a lot of pride in what we bring to the party. We provide all the assets of a team—coordination, collaboration and accountability. Our goal is your success. And in turn, your success is ours.


The Iacono Circuit is comprised of six hexagons, each representing an in-house service. We have evolved into a full service resource for our clients. We believe the wheel – which is synonymous with movement and progress – is the symbol that best communicates the breadth of our services. Our wheelhouse provides a strong environment for collaborative success. Give us a call. We’ll get things rolling.