In 2015, Zimmer and Biomet merged to form one company, Zimmer Biomet, a medical device manufacturer that offers innovative orthopedic medical devices. More than 1,500 sales reps, doctors, and surgeons attended this 3-day event. It was the first big event for the newly merged company, and expectations were high. The conference represented an opportunity to solidify the new company and set the tone for the future.

Zimmer Biomet
America Sales Meeting 2016
Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott Orlando, Florida
Live Event

About The Project

We were tasked with creating the ideal forum for bringing everyone together, so leaders could share expectations, give important updates, and rally the sales field behind the newly merged company. We took our cue from the event theme “Ignite”—specifically the logo, which featured a circle with a flame. The circle became the inspiration for a thematic journey.


Provide an atmosphere conducive to bringing people together and figuratively igniting the audience. Create a seamless event, despite the challenge of working in two large, attached hotels.


We used strategic project management to get up to speed with the new company, learn about the products, and work with Zimmer Biomet’s event team to divide and conquer. We constructed a semi-circular set, producing an energetic, but intimate atmosphere. Playing on the circular-shape theme, we hired aerialists to perform from rings. We designed animations and graphics that literally lit up and yes, ignited. The resulting energy unified the attendees and inspired them as they tackle new challenges.

It was great to be on board for the common goal of providing a platform for these two companies to come together. We designed around a strategy to inform and entertain, and delivered a vibrant event that presented the company’s future goals.

Steve Werling

Executive Producer, Iacono